Learning Love from Dead Women.
09:50 min.

In Learning Love from Dead Women we are introduced to two characters known from literature; Ibsen's Hedda Gabler and Shakespear's Ophelia. The startingpoint of the video is their last scene, their scene of death. In the first act we find Ophelia lying in the water, she has just killed herself. Suddenly she wakes up and leaves the stage. In the next act the two women meet. During their short meeting they discuss their actions and especially their suicidal action. When Hedda understands that they don't have the same understanding of the act she takes on the role as a teacher and theaches Ophelia the nature of love.




Learning Love from Dead Women.


That was a gunshot, but of course it was not for real.
Nothing is.
Someone’s coming, I do hope there will be some beauty in this.


Hedda: Hedda.

Ophelia: Ophelia.

Hedda: Drowning, not a bad way of doing it.
With my own gun.

Drink with me will you, I’m still bored!

Men they never do get it, all we want is some love, not this endless admiration. Luckily we never grow old and out of it. God how stupid men are, and how they bore me! Cheers!
And now you bore me too. Det er bare et spill!

Ophelia: Jeg gjør bare sånn jeg har blitt fortalt. I’m supposed to be in this condition, so I really shouldn’t drink and neither should you. How do you think it looks, us two drinking now?

But that was not a selfish act; I thought we did it for love!

Hedda: Darling let me teach you something about love. Love, ah, you’ve wasted your time, it’s not what they’re after.
My husband, does he love me? No. He adores me. Admirers me, but he does not love me. For him I’m just the manifestation of beauty. And what does he want? Love? No. Me? No. Just my forever presence. And what does that give me, eh? Well let me tell you, endless boredom!
Your boyfriend, perhaps a wonder with words, but believe me, love is not what he’s after.
No. Love is not why we did it!   
Have you ever thought about us? We’re quite alike; did you know that?

Ophelia: Jeg er ingenting som deg. Jeg kan ikke fordra deg. Du tror du vet alt men det gjør deg bare lik de! Jeg er så lei.

Hedda: But darling didn’t you know I’m the female one! Wouldn’t you love to be like them?
Ikke gå, det er bare et spill. Vær så snill ikke gå. Det er bare et spill, sett deg, det her er viktig.
Ok, I’m a monster of a woman with no feelings, but that’s only a play darling. Only a play.
Listen; don’t you see what they’re doing with us? We’re alike.
Where’s your mother, she’s not there. Like mine she doesn’t exist. No sensible female figures! And your father, I believe you’re quite close. Do I sense some envy here?
And then this polarity, either you’re too sweet to matter or you’re so cruel you’re not a woman. And not to be forgotten, the condition. Quite unnecessary if you ask me, it only makes us look even worse. It’s not only suicide; it’s murder! Male writers really know how to present a woman. No wonder they want us to do it for love. But we did not. Love is not why we did it!
That’s all I’m asking for. The play is already written there’s nothing we can do.
But we did not do it for love!

Ophelia: So why did we?






Camera - Camilla L. Haukedal & Anthony Tessier. Lighting - Anthony Tessier. Music - Hans Marius Haukedal. Editing - Camilla L. Haukedal. Photos - Anthony Tessier
Thanks to - Svien Olav, Eva Hilde, Christiane, Sondre, Cornelia og Heidi at KHIB & Terje Horvei.